Kate Middleton shares her simple secret to losing the baby weight
2017-Sep-04 | By News Admin

Thanks to some curious party guests, the world now knows the Duchess' secret to staying fit!

Not a lot of people are bold enough to ask the Duchess of Cambridge personal questions. But one guest at a celebration honouring Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday did just that.

The party guest who’s now making headlines is Professor Bulbul Dhar-James who asked Princess Kate her secret to looking slim even after having two kids.

After the royal couple cut the cake (with a sword), the Professor approached Kate.

“We said, ‘How do you lose all the weight after having two kids?’ ” he told PEOPLE. “And she said, ‘I am running after my kids!’ “

He also complimented Kate that she looked even better than in pictures and she thanked him. “She was so gracious,” said Dhar-James.

Kate’s fashion choices during their week-long visit to India were the talk of the town! (photo: E! Online)

Another party guest, Deepa Thomas Sutcliffe, an executive from the company Nissan (whose husband Paul Sutcliffe is from the British High Commission), also shared with PEOPLE that she asked Princess Kate about her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

“I told the Duchess I have been a huge royal fan my whole life and I adored Princess Diana,” revealed Deepa. “She said, ‘Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting her.’ “

Deepa confesses to being star-struck by the encounter. She never really thought she’d speak to the royal couple and she was pleased to find that they were not only gorgeous but down-to-earth.

“They are a big hit so far,” she gushed. “India is very heavily influenced by the British and there is a huge respect for the British royal family.”

“They are having an absolutely great time,” a source close to the royal couple revealed to PEOPLE. “They’ve loved their time here.”

Prince William praised his wife for being “a remarkably energetic and dedicated guiding force for her family,” he said he was “so glad” that his children were “having the chance to get to know” their beloved “Gan-Gan”.

The pictures say it all. The royal couple are truly having a blast even if they are missing their two kids. This is the longest time they’ve been apart since Kate gave birth to Princess Charlotte.

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