This Is How These 16 Famous Products Looked At The Time Of Their Invention
2017-Oct-31 | By News Admin

Whenever a scientist invents something, the invention becomes everything for him as he not just spends his money or time over it, but so much more. It hardly matters if the invention sees any future update, for the very first invention always remains close to the heart.

These machineries contribute to the most crucial part of our daily routine today. But even you know that when they were first invented, they were nothing like what they are today. And this is exactly what we are going to review here.

After looking at the first picture of these famous products, you are going to thank God for not letting you take birth at that time or else you would have to use such basic level products.

So let's have a look at the first pictures of these popular products of the world.

1. The first Apple computer

Today, buying an Apple product or using an iPhone is a dream for many people. 
But look, this is how the first computer by Apple used to look. It was named Apple-I released by the Apple Computer Company (now Apple Inc.) in 1976.

2. First car by Ford

One of the most trusted car brands of the current generation is Ford. According to the sources, this is how its first car 'original Ford Model A' used to look. 

3. The first television by Samsung

.Samsung televisions are now slimmer like a smartphone. They created their first invention 'P-3202' and this is how it used to look. 

4. The first Bosch refrigerator 

Are you also shocked by the first appearance of the Bosch refrigerator?

5. The first version of Windows

Today, Windows is everywhere, but this is how it looked when it first came into the world. 

6. The first Siemens telephone

This is how the first Siemens mobile telephone looked, it was called 'Mobiltelefon C1.'

7. The first IKEA catalog cover

The first look of the most prior cover of IKEA catalog is pretty shocking. Isn't it?

8. The first Canon camera

The first camera by canon was named 'Kwanon.'

9. The first Harley

I love the sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. This is how its first model looked like.

10. The first HP laptop

This is how the first HP laptop looked like. At that time, it was known as HP-110.

11. First cream by Nivea

Today, Nivea is one of the biggest brands of cosmetics. But when it started with its first cream, this is how it looked. 

12. First Chanel 

The most trusted brand for accessories of women, Chanel launched its first fragrance under the name 'Chanel No.5' and this is how it looked.

13. First camera by Sony

14. The first condom 

Now a condom comes in various flavors, but this is how it was in 1640. It was made of sheep's skin. 

15. The first Barbie doll 

This is how the most desired element of every girl's life, a Barbie doll managed to look like.

16. The first toothpaste by Colgate

The most recommended brand for teeth cleaning, Colgate looked like this when it was first invented. 

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