US rapper Lil Peep dies aged 21
2017-Nov-17 | By News Admin

Tributes are being paid to rapper Lil Peep, who's died at the age of 21 in Tucson, Arizona.

A tweet from his manager Chase Ortega says he was "expecting this call for a year" about the artist, who was known for his emo/hip-hop crossover style.

His death comes a day after he posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption: "When I die, you'll love me."

In October, Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac said his sound "blew her mind" and was something she'd never heard before.

Sarah Stennett, CEO of First Access Entertainment, who worked with Lil Peep last year, has released a statement confirming the news of his death.

"I am shocked and heartbroken," she said. "I do not believe Peep wanted to die, this is so tragic.

Sources : news24