There's finally a gadget to remind you to take your birth control pill every day
2017-Nov-22 | By News Admin

It connects to your phone and sends you a reminder if you forget

A new gadget has been created to help women remember to take their daily birth control pill.

It's called "Popit" and it clips onto the pack of pills and uses a small microphone and a motion-sensor to detect when you pick it up and remove a pill.

The device connects to your phone and if you forget to take a pill that day, it'll send a reminder to the accompanying app installed on your iOS or Android phone.

Created by Helsinki-based Popit Ltd, the app also keeps track of how many pills have been taken and will also alert you if you've exceeded the dose.

The clip itself has a suggested retail price of £59 while the smartphone app is free.

"This kind of technology hasn't been available before and it opens up exciting new possibilities," said Teemu Piirainen, the CEO of Popit Ltd.

"The investment will enable us to pursue our vision of quantifying medication - we track pills and support the patient in staying on track with medical treatment."

The firm says it has carried out research showing as many as 1 in 9 women in the US have experienced an unintended pregnancy after missing a pill.

"The risk of unwanted pregnancy with birth control pills is higher than many assume," said co-founder Timo Heikkilä.

"In typical use the risk of an unwanted pregnancy with pills is a staggering 30x higher than with absolute, perfect use. Popit helps in getting birth control pill use closer to where it should be.

"The solution also provides insights and statistics on pill use, making it the perfect sidekick for oral contraceptives.

"In a clinical setting the solution has reduced the amount of missed birth control pills by over 80%."

The device is currently aiming to raise funds through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. At the time of writing it had achieved over $3,000 (£2,263) towards its $20,000 (£15,088) goal.

The campaign has another 25 days to run and, if it hits its target, aims to be on sale by May 2018.

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