Picture purr-fect! Proud owners show off their pampered cats at an annual exhibition (but some grumpy moggies do not look ready for their close-up)
2017-Nov-27 | By News Admin
  •     Cat lovers in the Bishkek and Kazakhstan took their pets to a cat exhibition
  •     Dozens are shown and this year Scottish breeds were especially popular
  •     Some owners dressed their kitties up, with one spotted wearing a sparkly hat

Proud cat owners gathered to show off their precious pets at an annual exhibition.

The cats had their hair trimmed and claws clipped for the showcase in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. 

In typical fashion for this eccentric occasion, cats are paraded around, sometimes wearing bizarre outfits or accessories.  

However not all of the cats looked particularly pleased to be there and were captured snarling at the camera or gazing moodily at passing children. 

One sassy-looking kitty was in full fancy attire, wearing a sparkly hat and frilled collar.

Here, FEMAIL shares pictures of some of the most striking entrants... 

Strike a pose: This hat wearing Scottish Straight cat gives her best 'blue steel' impression during the exhibition in Bishkek

Meow! This furry feline couldn't be more adorable as she breaks away from her brother to say hello to the photographer

Commitment: This cat owner, who has been attending the exhibition for the past few years, wears fluffy ears to get into the spirit 

Don't touch me! This feline could very easily take the crown as the new Grumpy Cat with that expression 

Yum: This cute Scottish Fold cat enjoys a nice treat and a cuddle in her blanket for being so well behaved during the event 

An unusual looking breed, the Oriental Shorthair cat proudly shows off large ears and paws

Another ginger Scottish Fold sits patiently as she is petted gently by her young owner 

Wearing a lavish hat and a frilled dress, this Scottish Fold cat has no problem looking sassy as she poses for the camera 

One woman proudly holds her Scottish Shorthair cat for visitors of the exhibition to marvel at his beauty

This Scottish Shorthair kitten bravely edges towards a toddler for a closer look 

Peek-a-boo: This shorthair seems to be fascinated by the whole event as he sits and watches from his table

Sources : Dailymail