The 10 big cities that consume the most marijuana
2018-Feb-21 | By News Admin

Seedo, the company that produces an automated hydroponic growing device which lets you grow you own medicinal herbs at home, recently released its “2018 Cannabis Price Index.”   The list looks at 120 cities worldwide and their cannabis consumption, and has identified  the top 10 biggest cities for weed worldwide.

Despite the ongoing debate about whether or not to legalize pot in the United States, three of the top ten are from the U.S. New York takes the top spot overall, with Los Angeles at No. 4 and Chicago at No. 8.

Now that customers are lining up by the droves in California where, as of Jan. 1, recreational weed is officially legal, it will be interesting to see if Los Angeles rises in the ranks.

What’s more, with Canada looking at the possibility of jumping on the legalization train, Toronto, which sits at No. 10, could also see a spike in its numbers.

Here is the full list:

  1. New York, USA
  2. Karachi, Pakistan
  3. New Delhi, India
  4. Los Angeles, USA
  5. Cairo, Egypt
  6. Mumbai, India
  7. London, UK
  8. Chicago, USA
  9. Moscow, Russia
  10. Toronto, Canada

Weed isn’t legal in a lot of these places
Interestingly enough, three of the cities on the list include locations where it’s completely illegal to consume marijuana. Karachi (Pakistan), Cairo (Egypt) and London (Great Britain) all have strict laws against marijuana. Notably, the difference is in how those laws are enforced.

For example, the United Kingdom has a low prosecution rate for marijuana cases where police don’t necessarily focus on recreational users, but on the illegal trade, according to USA Today. Similarly, Cairo reportedly is tolerant of the drug, even if it is illegal where the focus is more on stopping large quantities.

But while the United States has four cities on this list, it isn’t likely that the U.S. will change its stance anytime soon. At least, not under the current administration. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it clear where he stands on the issue, and that’s to crackdown on marijuana even though nationwide opinions are shifting.

As for the rest of the world, these cities will be the ones to watch to see how the global industry unfolds.

Sources : thegrio