Chile transgender actress Daniela Vega speaks of need for change
2018-Mar-08 | By News Admin

Chilean actress Daniela Vega made history by becoming the first transgender presenter at the Oscars ceremony.

But, at a news conference after meeting Chile's President Michelle Bachelet this week, she spoke of the inequalities transgender people face in her home country.

Vega said that, in Chile, "I have a name on my identity card that is not my name".

"In the country where I was born I do not have the possibility of having my own name on my official documents," the A Fantastic Woman star said.

"The clock is running, time is passing, people are awaiting this change."

A gender identity bill - which would allow trans people to identify themselves with their preferred names rather than their assigned ones - is currently being considered by a congressional committee.

But its future is uncertain as Chile is about to have a new administration under conservative former President Sebastián Piñera, who takes over from Ms Bachelet on 11 March.

Sources : news24