SL ranks 68 in global broadband internet speed
2017-Jun-07 | By News Admin

Sri Lanka ranked 68 globally in broadband internet speeds with an average connection speed (IPv4) of 8.5 Mbps, the State of the Internet Q1 2017 Connectivity report issued by Akamai Technologies said.

According to the report, India had ranked 89 in broadband internet speeds with an average connection speed (IPv4) of 6.5 Mbps

South Korea had topped the chart with an average speeds of 28.6Mbps.

India is slightly ahead of China (7.6 Mbps) and is way behind of Sri Lanka (8.5 Mbps), News18 reported today.

According to the article, the global average peak connection speed increased 28% year over year to 44.6 Mbps in the first quarter.

Singapore had the highest peak connection speed at 184.5 Mbps in the first quarter.

The report said in the first quarter of 2017, South Korea once again led the Asia Pacific region in 4 Mbps broadband adoption, with 98% of its IPv4 addresses connecting to Akamai at average connection speeds above this threshold.

“Quarterly changes in adoption were positive across the region except for Sri Lanka and Singapore, which posted small declines of 6.5% and 0.8% respectively. The Philippines, the lowest-ranking country in Asia Pacific for this metric, enjoyed the largest quarterly increase at 26%. Remaining increases were modest, ranging from 0.1% in Japan to 11% in India and China,” it said. 

Sources : dailymirror