Police Intervenes To Caution Three-Wheel Driver With Sticker Depicting Violence Against Women
2017-Sep-06 | By News Admin

Police intervened to educate a three-wheel driver with a sticker depicting violence against women to remove the sticker and refrain from inciting violence against women.  

The driver, a resident of Rukaththenna, Haldamulla was seen sporting a sticker which depicted a man kicking a woman as a solution to a problem.

Acting on a complaint, police traced the owner and warned him of the graver consequences of the message depicted by the sticker and had the sticker removed. Police sources said Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayaka directed the compliant to the relevant authorities. 

The owners of the three-wheeler told Police that he had downloaded the sticker from the Internet and had it printed specially for his three-wheeler.  

He confirmed that he had not purchased the sticker from a three-wheel bodywork shop and that to his knowledge no other stickers of a similar nature were being sold.

Sources : asianmirror