President Lashes Out At Nestle: Demands The Company To Bring Down Sugar Percentage Of Milo
2017-Nov-13 | By News Admin

President Maithripala Sirisena lashed out at the multinational Nestle, one of the world's largest food beverage companies, demanding the company to bring down the sugar percentage of the Milo drink. 

The President, addressing the national diabetes day event, said the sugar percentage of the Miilo drink stood at 16.5%. 

"This is a serious situation. Also, the percentage of sugar is not shown with other ingredients of the drink. It's hidden elsewhere, misleading the public," the President said. 

He urged the company to take immediate steps to bring down the percentage of sugar in the Milo drink. Nestle operates in Sri Lanka through its fully owned subsidiary Nestle Lanka. 

He also said he was monitoring the situation from the time he was the Minister of Health, under the previous government. 

"If not, I will take this drink to every meeting I attend and make the public aware of its health risks," the President said.

The president, in his speech, emphasized the need for strict regulations to lower the sugar percentage of drinks such as Milo, stating that the government had already regulated the fizzy drinks. 

Sources : asianmirror