Tamil Diaspora Urges UK Government To Prevent Brig. Fernando From Leaving Country: Demand Action From UK Govt
2018-Feb-07 | By News Admin

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) urged UK Government not to allow Sri Lankan Brigadier Priyanka Fernando to leave the country. 

The TGTE, in a statement, requested the UK government to prevent Fernnado from Leaving to Face War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide charges in UK.

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, the military attaché of the Sri Lankan High Commission to UK, found himself in a controversy when a video footage where he was seen showing throat-slitting gestures to Tamil protesters in London went viral. 

"There are several reports published identifying his regiment, Gemunu Watch Battalion of the 59th Division, as responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the final months of the war in 2009. According to the UN and other organizations, 59th Division was the frontline fighting force that committed numerous war crimes including repeated attacks on hospitals, food distribution centers and civilians" said TGTE.

"According to UN Internal Review Report on Sri Lanka around 70 thousand Tamils were killed in six months in 2009 and Tamil women were sexually assaulted by Sri Lankan Security Forces.mThe High Commissioner for Human Rights in his statement to the UN Human rights Council on March 2017 urged countries around the world to initiate legal actions under Universal Jurisdiction to hold those responsible for committing international crimes in Sri Lanka.

As the country that co-sponsored a Resolution at the UN Human Rights Council on accountability for the above mentioned killings in Sri Lanka and as a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council, UK can be expected to take strong steps to bring those involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity to face justice.

"An alleged war criminal in your soil is the best opportunity for UK take actions. We strongly urge you not to allow Sri Lankan Brigadier Priyanka Fernando from leaving UK and initiate actions under universal jurisdiction" said TGTE.

Sources : asianmirror