‘Sterilization Pills’ Found To Be Clumps Of Flour: Government Analyst Rules Out Rumours Of Attempted Ethnic Cleansing
2018-Mar-08 | By News Admin

The Government Analyst today reported that the particles found in Muslim eatery in Ampara were clumps of flour, not ‘sterilization pills’, as alleged by Sinhalese youth, prompting violence in the area.

A tense situation arose in Ampara on February 27, when a Muslim shop-owner was accused of mixing ‘sterilization pills’ into food he served the Sinhalese patrons. A video of the incident circulated widely, in which the shop-owner was seen forced to ‘admit’ to his ‘crime.’

The incident sparked violence in Ampara, after a mob set fire to the shop and another property and also attacked a mosque nearby. The Sinhalese are accusing the Muslim of attempting to ethnically cleanse Sri Lanka of the majority Sinhalese by making them ‘infertile.’

However, the Government Analyst confirmed today that the particles found in the food served to the Sinhalese patrons were clumps of flour – as expected – and not the residue of ‘sterilization pills’ mixed into the food.

Sources : asianmirror