'Youth Gave The Government A Warning Signal At Local Government Election: They Wanted Speedy Reforms,' Sagala
2018-Mar-29 | By News Admin

The country's youth gave the government a warning signal at the last Local Government election, Project Management, youth Affairs and Southern Development Minister Sagala Ratnayaka said yesterday. 

Addressing the 'Yowunpura' programme in the Kurunegala district, the Minister said the government must show the youth the right path, instead of building up a 'tomorrow' for a handful of Royal princes. 

The Minister said the youth had radical views and they had been instrumental in radical reforms in the political sphere, throughout the recent political history. 

"Every time when there was a change in the government, it was the youth that took the lead in that process," Ratnayaka said, adding that the regime change in 2015 was no exception. 

"We all know that the country's youth is at the forefront of social media. They were the ones who mainly protested the recent ban on social media." 

"At the last Local Government election, the Youth gave the government a shot in the arm as they needed speedy measures to stabilize their future.  So, as a government, we must pay more attention to expedite our work on youth empowerment and development. They should be empowered to overcome the challenges that will arise with rapid development and fast-changing technology," the Minister stated. 

"The youthm, in my view, should be empowered politically, socially and culturally. As the Youth Minister, it is my duty to fulfill that task. I will use all my strength and abilities to achieve the goals the government has set for my ministry," he added. 

Sources : asianmirror