Vehicle registration cancelled if revenue license not obtained for five years
2018-Apr-10 | By News Admin

The Motor Traffic Department (DMT) had introduced a project to cancel vehicle registrations if revenue licenses have not been obtained for more than five years.

Speaking to the Media DMT Commissioner General A.H.K. Jagath Chandrasiri said, “We have already requested all Divisional Secretariats to provide a report on vehicles that have not been renewed revenue license for five years".

After receiving the report the DMT would take measures to inform the vehicle owners that their vehicle registration has been cancelled. A letter would be sent to the owner requesting them to present the relevant documents to cancel the vehicle registration.

Finally, the cancelled vehicle numbers would be published in newspapers to make it more transparent.

“All vehicle owners should obtain a valid revenue license annually. Concessions will be provided for the vehicles which are in garages for repairs for the longer period of time without being used,” he said.

He said the owners should inform the DMT the reasons for not using their vehicle to obtain a non-user certificate after inspecting them through the provincial commissioners of the DMT. The non-user certificate should be obtained at the time of being sent to the garage. The certificate cannot be backdated

Sources : news24